Malaysians To Protest Against Scandal-tainted PM


Malaysians to protest against scandal-tainted PM

KUALA LUMPUR, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -7th Sept,2016) : A Malaysian group that has staged huge political demonstrations in the past will hold another rally in November to protest against the country's scandal-tainted prime minister, its chairwoman said Wednesday.

Demonstrators will demand the resignation of Najib Razak, who is under fire over his alleged involvement in the looting of billions of Dollars in state funds. A date for the November rally will be announced on September 14, said Maria Chin Abdullah, chair of the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections.

The group, an alliance of NGOs and civil-society groups commonly known as "Bersih", the Malay word for "clean", is the country's most prominent political pressure group and previous rallies have ended with demonstrators clashing with police.