Moldovan President Expects Socialist Party, ACUM To Sign Cooperation Agreement Next Week

Moldovan President Expects Socialist Party, ACUM to Sign Cooperation Agreement Next Week

CHISINAU (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) Moldovan President Igor Dodon said at a briefing on Wednesday that the Socialist Party and the right-wing pro-European bloc ACUM had found common ground on many issues and could sign a cooperation agreement as early as next week.

Dodon and Prime Minister Maia Sandu have earlier said that the Socialist Party and the ACUM bloc, which together make up the majority government, plan to sign a new cooperation agreement.

"I think we are at the last stage of signing the agreement between the Socialist Party and the ACUM bloc. I think that the agreement will also be signed by the president as a guarantor of support for the implementation of the plan," Dodon said.

According to the president, the agreement will include plans for the country's domestic policy, on which the parties have already reached a 90 percent consensus. It will also include provisions on parliamentary behavior, such as refusing to accept defectors from other parties. Two more sections will deal with foreign policy and local elections, scheduled for October 20.

In June, Moldova went through an acute political crisis triggered by February's parliamentary elections, in which neither party gained a majority. On June 8, the Socialist Party announced the formation of a parliamentary coalition with the ACUM bloc, with Sandu being elected prime minister.

In a series of rulings that followed, the Constitutional Court rendered these actions illegitimate because it claimed that the bipartisan accord and Sandu's election came one day after the prescribed deadline. The court ordered the temporary suspension of Dodon's powers in favor of Sandu's predecessor, Pavel Filip, so that he could dissolve the parliament and call snap elections.

The new cabinet and Dodon described the move to use the court, which they say is controlled by the Democratic Party of Moldova, as an attempt to usurp power. Filip's government finally resigned, while the court annulled its previous decisions related to the dissolution of the parliament and calls for snap elections.

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