Morocco, Sweden Normalise Relations After W.Sahara Spat


Morocco, Sweden normalise relations after W.Sahara spat

RABAT, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -7th Sept,2016) - Sweden's foreign minister was to hold talks with her Moroccan counterpart in Rabat on Wednesday in a sign of eased tensions after a year-long quarrel over the Western Sahara.

Margot Wallstrom, who arrived on Tuesday, was to meet civil society representatives as well as Foreign Minister Salaheddine Mezouar, the embassy said.

Sweden's ruling Social Democrats, who voted to recognise Western Sahara as a "free and independent state" while in opposition in 2012, had held an internal consultation on the issue after taking office in 2014.

In September 2015, Morocco blocked a grand opening of the kingdom's first Ikea store, saying it lacked a "conformity permit". Local media said the move was in retaliation for Stockholm's position on the disputed territory. Wallstrom in January announced Sweden would not recognise the Western Sahara as an independent state, but would support UN mediation on the issue.