Moscow Studying Nicaragua's Request For Production Of Russian COVID-19 Vaccines - Lavrov

Moscow Studying Nicaragua's Request for Production of Russian COVID-19 Vaccines - Lavrov

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 19th July, 2021) Russia is studying Nicaragua's request for the production of a Russian COVID-19 vaccine on its soil, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.

Nicaragua invited Russia "a couple of months ago" to launch Russia's CoviVac vaccine production at the joint medical enterprise Mechnikov, Lavrov recalled at a joint press conference with the Nicaraguan foreign minister.

"This is not an easy question, as the enterprise produces vaccines against influenza, its capacities are loaded with these vaccines, which are not only distributed in Nicaragua, but also delivered to Venezuela, Cuba and Ecuador. The enterprise produces around 30 million [vaccine] doses during influenza epidemics. Apart from that, CoviVac production capacities are not very big yet, and Russia's demand for the vaccine is not fully satisfied yet ... Taking all this into account, we are studying the request regarding the possibility of launching the production of the Russian vaccine in Nicaragua.

I think there will be some clarity soon. We are fully in favor from the political point of view," Lavrov explained.

Nicaragua, the minister noted, was among the first countries to authorize the use of Russia's coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V as well as the Sputnik Light booster jab. Moscow has already delivered approximately 300,000 doses while the next batches are currently being negotiated.

"Tomorrow, the minister and his delegation will have a meeting at the Russian Direct Investment Fund. And we believe the completion of these deliveries as agreed is our prime objective," Lavrov said.

The Latin American country is preparing to expand vaccine rollout to those aged 50 and above, as now the immunization focuses on those over 55.