Mozambique's Palma Destroyed Amid Army's Efforts To Regain Control Over Town - Activist


Mozambique's Palma Destroyed Amid Army's Efforts to Regain Control Over Town - Activist

JOHANNESBURG (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 05th April, 2021) Mozambique's gas-rich town of Palma has been destroyed and residents cannot return to normal life despite the government's efforts to regain control of the territory after Islamist insurgents had captured the place in a deadly attack in the end of March, Julia Wachave, a member of women's rights group Muleide, told Sputnik on Monday.

On Friday, Pemba police chief told Sputnik that the militants had left the town and it has returned under the control of the country's armed forces. He claimed that the government believed there was no risk that the group of insurgents that had attacked Palma would attack other towns.

"No, life is not normal in Palma. The town has been destroyed. People are still being sent to [neighboring city] Pemba," Julia Wachave said.

On Monday, media reported citing local defense officials, that the area was declared "safe" by the army on Sunday, and a significant number of terrorists were killed.

However, most countries and international compromises continue to pull their workers put from Mozambique.

On Friday, French energy giant Total reportedly evacuated all of its personnel from the Mozambique LNG project located near Palma by sea and air, leaving the security of the project to the local armed forces. On Saturday, South Africa announced that it would assist all citizens wishing to leave Mozambique.

"Total workers have been evacuated and its unlivable in Pemba," Wachave noted.

On March 24, an attack by militants had left several dozen people dead and over 9,000 displaced in the 75,000-resident town. Majority of the survivors have been relocated to the provincial capital of Pemba. The Islamic State terrorist group (banned in Russia) has claimed responsibility for the attack.