New Delhi Issues Alert Presaging Terror Attacks Before August 15 - Police Source

New Delhi Issues Alert Presaging Terror Attacks Before August 15 - Police Source

NEW DELHI (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 20th July, 2021) New Delhi's security agencies have placed the city under high alert to foreshadow possible drone attacks by radical cells of "Pakistan-based terrorists" in the Indian capital before August 15, the end of the parliament's monsoon session, a senior source in the police told Sputnik.

"In Delhi, security agencies have issued a high alert regarding the period between the first and the last day of the monsoon session before 15 August. According to the alert, a terrorist conspiracy could be carried out in Delhi by 'drone jihad' ... Before August 15, Pakistan-based terrorists can strike Delhi. On August 5, there has been an increased risk of terrorist attack in the capital. Security agencies have warned Delhi Police that on August 5, the day Article 370 was removed from Jammu and Kashmir, terrorists could carry out a terror attack," the source said.

The police were informed about the possible terrorist attack by the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB), citing credible intelligence inputs, the source noted.

Under the alleged terrorist conspiracy, the perpetrators are planning to use drones to carry out terrorist attacks which they have termed as "drone jihad," the source explained.

Terrorists are believed to be planning to strike the Indian capital on or before August 15, when India will be celebrating its Independence Day. In addition, according to IB inputs, the terrorist plot could erupt in action on August 5, when Article 370 of the Indian constitution, under which the state of Jammu and Kashmir had a special status, was abrogated in the region in August 2019.