New Security Architecture For Europe Requires Dialogue With Russia - Macron

New Security Architecture for Europe Requires Dialogue With Russia - Macron

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 20th February, 2021) Europe needs a new architecture of security on the continent and needs to talk with Russia on how to set it up, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday.

"Now it is up to the heads of states and governments to discuss these proposals and try to and find the new security architecture. This common concept also means that we need to have dialogue with Russia, it's indispensable for us to be peaceful," Macron said in his speech at the Munich Security Conference.

Solutions to numerous regional crises surrounding Europe need to be found jointly and international platforms need to be utilized in the process, he said.

"We need to find solution to regional issues - from Sahel where we are fighting terrorism to Syria or Nagorno-Karabakh or Libya.

We need to build security and make sure that we act together in a coordinated way by respecting all the allies, which has not always been the case over that past months. We need to find a way of working together between [NATO] allies, but also between the UNSC members and also between partners for us to find common solutions. Iran of course is also a major issue," the president said.

Global security saw a number of setback in recent years, with both the US and then Russia leaving the Open Skies Treaty, lingering uncertainty around US-Russian arms reduction deals and chaos around the Iran nuclear deal after US withdrawal. Russia has repeatedly stressed the need for a multilateral approach and condemned unilateral moves by the US.