Norway Prime Minister Says 'Intolerable' To Use Military Threats In Russia-Ukraine Crisis


Norway Prime Minister Says 'Intolerable' to Use Military Threats in Russia-Ukraine Crisis

UNITED NATIONS (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th January, 2022) Norway's Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said on Tuesday the threats of military use in the Russia-Ukraine standoff are intolerable and other measures exist to resolve the crisis in a peaceful and secure way.

"We have to channel these complex issues into the political track. It is intolerable that military confrontation and threats of military use shall be proper language to deal with the differences between European states," Store told reporters after chairing a UN Security Council meeting on the protection of civilians in armed conflicts.

Store said he is concerned by the amassing of military equipment on the Ukraine-Russia border and beyond that has the potential to create a dire situation in Europe.

"We need to move out of that as soon as we can," Store said.

However, Store pointed out that the ongoing diplomatic efforts undertaken by Russia, the United States and NATO to resolve the situation peacefully represent a positive development.

"They are not agreeing but they're in the process. We can do a number of measures to secure countries to live in security as neighbors be they inside or outside of alliances. That's the track we have to follow," Store said.

Western nations say they continue to press for a diplomatic solution to the escalating Russia-Ukraine tensions, even as American troops were placed on "high alert" for possible deployment to Eastern Europe while NATO dispatched additional ships and fighter jets to the region. M

Russia has repeatedly denied any intent to attack any country, but has blamed the West for increasing tensions in the region and pointed to NATO's military activities and plans to expand eastward as a threat to its national security.