NSO Group Chief Insists Activists, Journalists Were Not Targets Of Pegasus Software


NSO Group Chief Insists Activists, Journalists Were Not Targets of Pegasus Software

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 21st July, 2021) Israeli cyberintelligence firm NSO Group co-founder and chief executive, Shalev Hulio, denied claims that the Pegasus software was used to spy on representatives of the civil society, in his comment for the Financial Times newspaper.

According to an investigation by 17 media outlets, NSO Group's software was used to hack smartphones of human rights activists, lawyers, journalists and business executives from across the globe. It could reportedly access cloud data, such as location, archived messages and photos.

The NSO Group stated that the program was only sold to responsible governments to prevent terrorist attacks and other crimes.

"We are claiming very vocally that these [activists and opposition figures] are not Pegasus targets, or selected as Pegasus targets, or potential Pegasus targets. This has no relation to any customer of ours or NSO technology," Hulio told Financial Times.

Hulio also vowed to shut down any customer's systems proved to infect devices of politicians and journalists.