Poland Considers Mixing Different Vaccines For Those With Side Effects

Poland Considers Mixing Different Vaccines for Those With Side Effects

WARSAW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 22nd July, 2021) Poland is considering the use of different vaccines for the first and second shots for those who have experienced side effects after the first inoculation, Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said Thursday.

Over 16.6 million of 38 million in Poland have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Side effects have been recorded in 13,484 of those vaccinated.

"Together with the medical council we are thinking of introducing a decision that would allow mixing vaccines. Because some people have not reacted well to the first shot. Maybe, this group should be given an opportunity to get a second shot of another vaccine," Niedzielski told reporters.

At the moment, the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Oxford, and Johnson&Johnson vaccines are available in Poland for those over 12. More than 33 million doses of various vaccines have been administered in the country so far.

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