Polish, Israeli Ambassadors To Ukraine Concerned About Commemoration Of Nazi Collaborators

Polish, Israeli Ambassadors to Ukraine Concerned About Commemoration of Nazi Collaborators

KIEV (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 03rd January, 2020) The ambassadors of Poland and Israel to Ukraine, Bartosz Jan Cichocki and Joel Lion, on Thursday expressed their concern regarding commemorations of members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (banned in Russia), which had collaborated with Nazi Germany during World War II.

On January 1, the Kiev City State Administration displayed a banner with the image of infamous nationalist leader and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, while the Lviv Regional Council had decided on December 24 to fund efforts to honor the memory of Nazi collaborationist Andriy Melnyk and antisemitic and anti-Polish writer Ivan Lypa and his son Yurii, the creator of the Ukrainian race theory.

"With great concern and sadness we have noted that Ukraine's public officials at various levels, including the Lviv Regional Council and the Kiev City State Administration, still celebrate historical events and figures that should be condemned once and for all," the ambassadors said in a joint statement.

They stressed that both of their counties were doing everything possible to prevent further attacks on Jews as well as attempts to warp the history of WWII.

"That is why we expect that the Lviv Regional Council and the Kiev City State Administration will also join the dialogue in search of truth," they added.

On Wednesday, approximately one thousand people marched to commemorate the 111th anniversary of Bandera's birthday.