Portman Plays Jackie Kennedy, Her 'most Dangerous' Role

Portman plays Jackie Kennedy, her 'most dangerous' role

VENICE, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -7th Sept,2016) : Natalie Portman said Wednesday that portraying a grief-stricken Jacqueline Kennedy was her "most dangerous" film role, as the piercing bio-drama "Jackie" entered the race for the Venice film festival's prestigious Golden Lion.

Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain's first English-language feature is an intimate look at the woman who shaped her famous husband's legacy, offsetting public images and audio recordings with an exploration of Jackie's private side.

The glossy drama starts a week after John F. Kennedy's 1963 murder in Dallas, as his new widow gives an interview with Theodore H. White of Life magazine (played by Billy Crudup). "I felt like it was the most dangerous film I've ever done because everyone knows what Jackie looked like, sounded like, walked like," Portman told journalists at the world's oldest film festival.

Larrain said they had drawn from the many biographies on the iconic first lady, as well as a source material gathered by historian Arthur Schlesinger, including recordings of Jackie chatting with her friends.

"The challenge was having someone so well known as Natalie, playing someone so well known as Jackie. But I think cinema is connected to the old magicians, with someone pulling a rope here or moving a light there. "We created an illusion that talks of pain, loss and desire," Larrain said.