Public Inquiry Into Canadian Mass Shooting To Be Completed By End Of 2022 - Statement

Public Inquiry into Canadian Mass Shooting to be Completed by End of 2022 - Statement

TORONTO (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 23rd October, 2020) The Canadian government in conjunction with local authorities will complete full public inquiry into the April 18 mass shooting in the province of Nova Scotia by November 1, 2022, Public Safety Canada said in a statement.

In April, 22 people were killed in one of the worst mass casualty events in Canadian history after a 51-year old man dressed as police went on a shooting and arson spree in Nova Scotia.

"The joint public inquiry in response to the April tragedy in Nova Scotia has been established and the Commissioners will now begin their work," the statement said on Thursday. "They must submit two reports to the Governments of Canada and Nova Scotia on their findings, lessons learned and recommendations - an interim report by May 1, 2022 and a final report by November 1, 2022.


The Federal governments and the Nova Scotia provincial government initially announced a joint review of the tragedy in Nova Scotia, but public backlash prompted the government to proceed with a public inquiry.

The push for a public inquiry was spurred by allegations of an attempted coverup of the tragedy. A Maclean's magazine report in June revealed suggested that the assailant, Gabriel Wortman, was a confidential police agent or informative.