Putin Denies Claims About Alleged Russian Threat To Spain

Putin Denies Claims About Alleged Russian Threat to Spain

ST. PETERSBURG (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 06th June, 2019) Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed statements by acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell that Russia poses an alleged threat to Spain.

In an interview with El Periodico, Spain's top diplomat, responding to a question about geopolitical challenges facing the EU, called Russia an "old enemy" and said Russia "is turning into a threat".

"This is just another kind of nonsense - some kind of threat Russia poses to Spain, which is on the other side of the European continent. Let your foreign minister address it, think about how to build relations for the benefit of our countries and nations," Putin said at a meeting with the heads of news agencies.

He said Spain has to make its own decisions on relations with Catalonia, adding that Russia has good relations with Madrid and does not want Europe to fall apart.

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