Putin Informed Biden About Non-Fulfillment Of Minsk Agreements By Ukraine - Kremlin Aide

Putin Informed Biden About Non-Fulfillment of Minsk Agreements by Ukraine - Kremlin Aide

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 08th December, 2021) Russian President Vladimir Putin informed his US counterpart Joe Biden during video talks about Ukraine's failure to comply with the Minsk agreements, Kremlin aide Yury Ushakov told reporters.

"Our president informed (Biden) in sufficient detail about how Kiev fails to fulfill the relevant Minsk agreements. It was said directly that Ukraine sabotages the Minsk implementation, in addition, it sabotages the agreements reached within the framework of the Normandy Four summit, delays the negotiation process in the contact group, seeks to exclude Donbas from the negotiation process," Ushakov said following the leaders' talks.

He said Biden, in the conversation with Putin, stressed that the United States and NATO are concerned about the movement of Russian troops near Ukrainian borders.

The discussion of Ukraine took much time in the two leaders' talks, Ushakov said.

He said Biden informed Putin that Washington is preparing large-scale sanctions in case of further escalation of the situation around Ukraine.

Ushakov said Putin bluntly told Biden that Russia is worried about the military activity buildup by Ukraine and NATO. He said Putin touched upon the recent NATO drills in the Black Sea.

The Russian presidential aide said Putin told the US president that the "red lines" for Moscow are the further advance of NATO to the east and the deployment by NATO of offensive weapons in Ukraine.

Ushakov said the question about whether Putin promised in conversation with Biden not to deploy troops to Ukraine is strange and was not even discussed.

He said Biden told Putin about possible new sanctions over Ukraine in an acceptable form.

"Biden mentioned possible sanctions measures. What was said before publicly and communicated through various channels to us, has now been said, but in a fairly acceptable form that is worthy of the presidential level," Ushakov said.