Putin Says NATO Places Its Geopolitical Interests Above All


Putin Says NATO Places Its Geopolitical Interests Above All

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 09th June, 2021) NATO places its geopolitical interests above all regardless of its relations with foreign countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, also warning that NATO expansion was an important factor influencing Russia's security.

"They place their geopolitical interests above the interests of others regardless of the nature of their relations with countries," the president told the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin tv program.

"As for the NATO expansion and NATO infrastructure being brought closer to the Russian borders, this is extremely important for the safety of Russia and Russians," Putin added.

The president recalled that NATO expanded eastwards twice in the period when "Russia's relations with the collective West were quite decent, or this was even partnership in the straight sense of the word," but the alliance still did not take Moscow's concerns into consideration.

"I do not want to use rude words but they just sneezed at our interests," Putin added.