Putin's 2021 WEF Address Attracted Interest Of Swiss Public - Ambassador In Bern


Putin's 2021 WEF Address Attracted Interest of Swiss Public - Ambassador in Bern

GENEVA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 29th January, 2021) Russian President Vladimir Putin's address to the World Economic Forum (WEF) has aroused considerable interest in Swiss press and social media, and his calls for cooperation in the face of global challenges resonated with the public, Ambassador in Bern Sergei Garmonin told Sputnik.

This year, the forum in the Swiss resort town of Davos was held online due to the coronavirus. On Wednesday, in his first address to the annual event since 2009, Putin spoke about the pandemic and related issues, pros and cons of globalization, the increased role of digital giants and the significance of international cooperation for the common good.

"The speech generated great interest here in Switzerland .

.. It was covered and quoted in detail in a number of media publications. It is with understanding that they received the Russian president's words about the need for cooperation to find joint responses to global challenges. It is noteworthy that on the very day of Vladimir Putin's speech, his text posted on the embassy's accounts got a record number of views, which highlights interest of the Swiss public," Garmonin said.

According to the diplomat, traditional media, including leading newspapers, devoted extensive materials to this speech.

He expressed hope that "this will contribute to a turnaround in the overall rather critical tone of Swiss media toward Russia."