Residents Of Yemen's Aden Rally In Support For Southern Separatist Forces - Reports

Residents of Yemen's Aden Rally in Support for Southern Separatist Forces - Reports

DOHA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th August, 2019) Residents of southern Yemen carried out a demonstration in the city of Aden in support of the Southern Transitional Council that has overtaken the city and backs the secession of the region, local media have reported.

Last Wednesday, the government forces engaged in clashes with the pro-separatist forces in Aden, which is the temporary seat of the internationally recognized Yemeni authorities. On Saturday, the Security Belt militia, affiliated with the council, captured military bases, government institutions and the presidential palace in Aden. Clashes in the city left 40 people killed and hundreds injured.

The rally in support for the council was held on Thursday, the Aden Alghad news outlet reported.

The protesters stated that the council's "actions for the protection of the people and ensuring their security were necessary," adding the council's head, Aidarus Zoubaidi "had a historic opportunity to create a state on the south of Yemen on behalf of the people," according to the outlet.

The demonstrators also called on the international community and the Saudi-led coalition, supporting the Yemeni government, to "transfer the governance of the south to southerners through the Transitional Council and to respect residents of the south in their independence demands."

The southern Democratic Republic of Yemen and the northern Yemen Arab Republic were unified in 1990, forming the Republic of Yemen. However, the southern regions have been seeking independence ever since.

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