REVIEW - Trump Ousts Bolton Over Disagreements On US Foreign Policy

REVIEW - Trump Ousts Bolton Over Disagreements on US Foreign Policy

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th September, 2019) US National Security Adviser John Bolton has joined the handful of President Donald Trump's national security team members who had left the White House over disagreements on how to steer the nation's foreign policy agenda.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump announced on Twitter he had asked Bolton to resign since his services were no longer needed at the White House. The US president added that he and others in his administration had disagreed strongly with many of Bolton's suggestions on foreign policy.

On the contrary, Bolton said he offered to resign Monday night but Trump delayed him in order to "talk about" the situation on Tuesday.

Bolton is the third national security adviser of Trump's presidency, he was preceded by H.R. McMaster and Michael Flynn.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told reporters at the White House on Tuesday that Bolton's exit will not cause any significant changes in the Trump administration's foreign policy agenda.

"These have been the president's policies," Pompeo said. "I don't think any leader around the world should make an assumption that because someone of us departs that President Trump's foreign policy will change in a material way."

At the same press conference, US Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin said Bolton's departure does not signal any kind of relief on Iran, adding that the maximum pressure campaign will remain.

Pompeo, when asked if he could foresee a meeting between Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during the UN General Assembly, said there was a potential possibility of such an encounter.

In June, Trump said he stopped a retaliatory military action against Iran after it downed a US spy drone in what Tehran says was its airspace. In an interview with NBC, the president said Bolton was a "hawk" who would "take on the whole world at one time" if he had a chance, but he denied being pushed into a war with Iran.

Moreover, Mnuchin noted that Trump and Bolton have different views regarding the conflict in Iraq, but did not get into specifics. On Venezuela, he indicated that the administration's position will not change.

The Washington Post reported in August that Bolton, known for his hawkish reputation, had been kept out of any discussions related to the US-Taliban negotiations because his opposition to diplomacy irritated Trump.

Moreover, Bolton called for an expanded military presence in Afghanistan and also opposed Trump's efforts to negotiate with North Korea and was against any potential engagement with Iran.


US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said that foreign policy of the United States is in chaos and Trump must seek to replace Bolton with someone who supports diplomacy.

"The President needs to immediately appoint a qualified replacement who respects human rights and democracy, supports diplomacy and development, and recognizes that alliances and engagement are pillars of American foreign policy," Engel said in a statement.

Engel further said that American leadership is needed as the United States stumbles on diplomatic fronts with Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Iran, Russia.

US Senator Chris Murphy, who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a statement the high turnover rate of US national security leaders in the administration is forcing allies to turn to more stable countries like China and Russia.

He added that Bolton's departure means Trump is less likely to push the United States into a new war but highlighted that finding a good quality leader to replace Bolton will be difficult since "everyone's head is permanently hovering slightly above the chopping block."

Senior Russian lawmaker Alexey Pushkov said in later remarks that Bolton's resignation may benefit the United States's policy toward Iran, potentially increasing the chances of a meeting between Trump and Rouhani.

The spokesman for the Iranian government Ali Rabiei said via Twitter that Bolton's departure signifies the removal of the "biggest proponent of war and economic terrorism." He added that Bolton's exit will mean fewer obstacles between the United States and Iran on the diplomatic front.

The White House said Tuesday Bolton's deputy Charles Kupperman would serve as acting national security adviser until a permanent replacement is named.

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