RPT - Absence Of Iran, Venezuela At World Petroleum Congress Regrettable - Russian Consul

RPT - Absence of Iran, Venezuela at World Petroleum Congress Regrettable - Russian Consul

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 07th December, 2021) The absence of Iran and Venezuela at the World Petroleum Congress is regretful, but the nature of the United States' relations with the two countries should be taken into account to understand that reality, Russian Consul General Alexander Zakharov told Sputnik.

"Iran and Venezuela are countries with some of the largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world. And their non-participation in this forum is regrettable. But one must take into account the current nature of US relations with these countries," Zakharov said.

The Russian diplomat emphasized that the World Petroleum Congress is an important forum that allows many industry leaders to meet, exchange views and provide their vision of the future under the existing conditions.

"This is especially important now," Zakharov said. "Why? First of all, because in the context of a pandemic, the growing demand, unfortunately, is now not always fully satisfied.

You are aware that the US administration has approached the world's largest producers, including Saudi Arabia and Russia, with a request to increase production. Therefore, yes, this is a really important forum, one of many that is held, which allows you to check the hours, exchange views.

Zakharov said that the forum also allows bilateral meetings on the margins, which are important for many participants in an effort to work out new agreements and contracts.

The forum kicked off on Sunday night and will last until December 9. Some 5,000 representatives from 70 different countries expected to attend.

Jeff Shellebarger, Chairman of the board of the Organizing Committee for the 23rd World Petroleum Congress, said at the opening ceremony on Sunday that the gathering will allow the participants to align their stances on global energy security and discuss future developments.