RPT - US Viewing Germany As Unreliable Partner Over Its Position On Ukraine Tensions - Reports

RPT - US Viewing Germany as Unreliable Partner Over Its Position on Ukraine Tensions - Reports

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 29th January, 2022) US Ambassador to Germany Emily Haber has sent a letter to the German Foreign Ministry, in which she described that the United States starts to view Berlin as an unreliable partner over its reticent position on the Russian-Ukrainian tensions, media reported.

According to Spiegel International, Haber said that not only US media, but also the Congress saw Berlin as a brake for the sanctions against Russia.

The German decision to block deliveries ofweapons to Ukraine is also a source of frustration for Washington, the ambassador noted.

Haber's letter started with the phrase "Berlin, we have a problem," while the conclusion is that Berlin's stance is explained with the desire to further buy cheap gas from Russia.

In the past few months, the West and Ukraine have accused Russia of concentrating troops near the Ukrainian border in alleged preparation for an invasion. Russia has repeatedly said that it has no intention of invading Ukraine, while stressing that it has the right to move forces within its own territory.