Russia Attaches Great Importance To Military Presence In Arctic - Kremlin

Russia Attaches Great Importance to Military Presence in Arctic - Kremlin

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 06th April, 2021) Russia's presence in the Arctic region is an integral part of its military policy, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Tuesday, stressing that Russia cannot ignore this important region, especially given that the US maintains presence there as well.

On April 5, CNN released a report about Russia's "unprecedented military might in the Arctic", substantiating the statement with satellite images of Russia's new and modernized facilities in the region. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby assured that the US was closely monitoring Russia's activities in the Arctic and was committed to protecting its national interests.

"Indeed, the supreme commander-in-chief [of the Russian armed forces, Russian President Vladimir Putin] sees Russia's military presence in the Arctic as an absolutely integral part of our military posture.

The Arctic zone is a highly important region of the Russian Federation, this is related to our borders and our economic zone. The economic potential is growing every year. You know that we have great development plans in the Arctic zone, this is being implemented consistently," Peskov told reporters.

"As for concerns of our American colleagues, one should remember that the US has never rejected presence in the Arctic zone, its attention to the Arctic zone has never become weaker. We have always kept this in mind and we have always assumed that we should not ignore this highly important region," Peskov continued.