Russia Calls Use Of Nuclear-Capable B-52H Bomber In NATO Drills 'Saber-Rattling'


Russia Calls Use of Nuclear-Capable B-52H Bomber in NATO Drills 'Saber-Rattling'

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th June, 2021) The Russian Embassy in Washington on Friday condemned the deployment of a nuclear-capable B-52H bomber during NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea as "saber rattling" that stokes tensions in Europe.

"Use of @usairforce nuclear capable B-52H during BALTOPS is another provocation. Such sabre-rattling escalates situation in Europe and deteriorates atmosphere before Russia-US summit. We urge US to review its approach to European security and stop dangerous activities near Russian border," the embassy tweeted.

NATO exercise Baltops 2021 is taking place in the Baltic Sea from June 6 to June 18.

It brings together 16 NATO member states, as well as Sweden and Finland. A total of 4,000 troops, 40 ships, 60 aircraft and helicopters are involved. The exercise focuses on anti-submarine warfare, anti-aircraft defense, and includes a mock amphibious assault operation off the coast of Lithuania.

Russia's National Defense Control Center issued several reports earlier, saying it had scrambled jets to escort US B-52H strategic bombers over the Baltic. The last of such incidents occurred on May 31.