Russia Sent US Proposals For Meetings, Dialogue - Ambassador Antonov

Russia Sent US Proposals for Meetings, Dialogue - Ambassador Antonov

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 22nd June, 2021) Russia has sent a number of proposals to the US authorities on meetings and dialogue, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said.

"Today I sent a number of requests and addresses to various US organizations to meet with the leadership of different structures, to discuss what we should do together to implement the positive mood that we think we took from the summit of our two presidents, [the mood for].

.. stabilization of Russian-American relations, which will allow us to talk about improving these bilateral ties in the future," Antonov told reporters.

"We managed today to get in touch with colleagues from the State Department today, and specific meetings will take place in the coming days. Let's wait, I think it will take a little time, and we will already be able to talk about specific results," he said.

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