Russian Cosmonauts Reduced Scientific Activities On ISS - Space Training Center


Russian Cosmonauts Reduced Scientific Activities on ISS - Space Training Center

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th September, 2019) Russia's Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center said it has recorded a significant decline in the number of scientific experiments carried out by Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station (ISS) after crew reduction in 2017.

The Russian crew at the ISS was reduced to two people from three in April 2017. Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos explained that the cut was a part of its plans to improve the operational efficiency ahead of the installation of a new module to expand the Russian segment of the ISS.

"Starting from April 2017, there has been a significant decrease in the scope of work carried out in this direction, which is certainly related to the reduction in the number of Russian cosmonauts on the ISS," a fresh issue of the training center's scientific magazine said.

According to the center's research, Russian cosmonauts in 2010-2014 spent about 32 percent of their time on scientific activities, while in 2014-2017 this figure grew up to 38 percent. However, following the team cut, the amount of time spent on science lowered, while the time spent on ISS maintenance increased.

In April, Sergey Krikalev, the director for manned spaceflights at Roscosmos, said in an interview with Sputnik that the crew of the Russian segment of the ISS would again grow to three people from the current two in 2020.

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