Russian National Makarenko Not Yet Sent To Florida From Custody In Hawaii - Embassy In US

Russian National Makarenko Not Yet Sent to Florida From Custody in Hawaii - Embassy in US

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 09th January, 2019) Russian national Dmitrii Makarenko, who was arrested by the FBI in the Northern Mariana Islands late last year, is currently in custody in Hawaii, where he is waiting to be transferred to Florida, Russian Embassy in the United States said on Wednesday.

According to a court document, Makarenko was arrested on December 29 over allegations of illegally exporting military goods. The court ordered the Russian national to be brought to the Southern District of Florida.

"According to the information available to the embassy, Makarenko is now in custody in the prison of Honolulu, Hawaii, waiting for his transfer to Miami, Florida, where the trial will be held.

... We are currently seeking consular access to our compatriot. We will provide D.V. Makarenko all the necessary consular assistance in order to respect his legal rights," the embassy said in a message in the VK social network.

The embassy continues to closely monitor the situation with Makarenko's arrest, the diplomatic mission added.

The court's documents show that Makarenko was accused of attempting to export military-grade night vision and thermal vision devices, as well as ammunition primers, from the United States to Russia.

On Saturday, Russian Foreign Ministry demanded explanation from Washington regarding reasons for the arrest of Makarenko.

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