Russian Nuclear Industry Providing Uninterrupted Power Supply Amid Pandemic - Putin


Russian Nuclear Industry Providing Uninterrupted Power Supply Amid Pandemic - Putin

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 28th September, 2020) The Russian domestic nuclear sector is providing an uninterrupted full power supply to customers this year, despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the occasion of Nuclear Industry Workers' Day.

"Today, the Russian nuclear industry, the teams of specialized enterprises, scientific research institutes, design bureaus, are achieving great results that are significant for the whole country. First of all, in what concerns the development of nuclear power generation with the strictest observance of the highest requirements and safety standards. A clear uninterrupted power supply is ensured in full, including this year - in the difficult conditions of fighting the dangerous epidemic," Putin said in his address, broadcast by the Rossiya-24 tv channel.

Putin added that projects initiated by Russia's state nuclear agency Rosatom abroad are also very important as they build up the country's reputation.

"International projects for the construction and maintenance of nuclear power units abroad are also extremely important. They also contribute to Russia's reputation as a country of high technologies and intelligence, a serious, responsible partner, a world leader in the field of modern, clean nuclear energy with a unique combination of reliability and safety," the Russian president said.

Putin added that Rosatom currently has multiple active projects on the construction of 25 power units in nine different countries.

"This is the greatest result in the history of the industry," the Russian president said.