Russian Sailors Saved Panama-Flagged Ship From Pirates In Gulf Of Guinea- Defense Ministry


Russian Sailors Saved Panama-Flagged Ship From Pirates in Gulf of Guinea- Defense Ministry

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th October, 2021) Sailors of the Russian Northern Fleet rescued a Panama-flagged container ship from pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

"On October 25, the crew of the large anti-submarine ship Vice-Admiral Kulakov prevented pirates from seizing a civilian ship in the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean," the ministry said.

The crew received a distress signal from the Lucia container ship flying the flag of Panama from Togo to Cameroon.

"The report said that an attempt was made to hijack the vessel by unknown armed people on a high-speed boat.

The crew of the container ship, after giving a distress signal, in accordance with the instructions, took refuge in the engine room," the ministry said.

A Ka-27PS helicopter carrying a marine corps unit took off from the Russian ship and immediately headed for the area of the incident. According to the Ministry of Defense, the pirates left the ship when the helicopter appeared and headed towards the coast in their boat at full speed.