Scuba Divers Survive Two Days Adrift With Sharks

Scuba divers survive two days adrift with sharks

BOGOTA, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -8th Sept,2016) - Two Colombian scuba divers who were swept out to sea by a rip tide and spent 48 hours adrift surrounded by sharks and jellyfish survived to tell their tale Wednesday.

Jorge Morales and Dario Rodriguez were part of a group of five recreational divers enjoying themselves off the Colombian island of Malpelo last Wednesday when a current swept them out into the open Pacific.

The search continues for two members of the group who are still missing. Morales and Rodriguez, separated from the others, huddled together and urinated on each other to stay warm, sometimes curling up into a fetal position as they floated, they told journalists.

Morales said the first nightfall was one of the hardest moments. But it made them realize they had to stick to their survival training, tying themselves together with special cords to avoid being separated.

Sharks began circling them, as well as jellyfish -- which turned out to be worse. "They attacked us," said Morales. "What pain. Very intense. I don't know how many jellyfish there were, but it was a very tough moment."

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