Secrecy Over Israeli Intelligence Officer Death In Jail Linked To 'Big Secret'- Army Chief

Secrecy Over Israeli Intelligence Officer Death in Jail Linked to 'Big Secret'- Army Chief

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 09th June, 2021) The lack of transparency surrounding a recent death of an Israeli intelligence officer at a military prison was linked to the offenses he had committed, which involved nearly revealing a "big secret," Chief of General Staff of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Aviv Kochavi said on Wednesday.

According to the Haaretz newspaper, Kochavi said the officer committed "very serious offences" knowingly and on purpose. The suspect had been detained "at the last minute" prior to exposing "a big secret," according to the newspaper.

The officer was charged nine months ago in a military court and died two weeks ago, the newspaper reported. The charges were accompanied by a gag order preventing the media from publishing any information which could point to the suspect's identity.

The officer's death will be investigated, the IDF chief of general staff said.

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