Serbian Citizen Arrested Trying To Smuggle 46 Migrants - Interior Ministry


Serbian Citizen Arrested Trying to Smuggle 46 Migrants - Interior Ministry

BELGRADE (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 10th August, 2019) The Serbian police have detained a driver trying to smuggle 46 migrants in his van, the Serbian Interior Ministry said on Friday.

The driver was detained near the border with Northern Macedonia and is going to be charged with human trafficking.

"The border police officers stopped a van on Presevo territory, in which they found 33 citizens of Iran, seven Pakistanis and three citizens from Eritrea and Afghanistan each, all without documents. A.M., born in 1984, who had driven a van with a registration number from another car, tried to flee, but was detained," the ministry said.

Serbia is a part of the so-called Balkan route for migrants trying to get to EU countries from Asia and Africa. Approximately a million people have passed through Serbia during recent years.

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