Six Police Officers Injured In Recent Clashes With Demonstrators In Bogota - Police


Six Police Officers Injured in Recent Clashes With Demonstrators in Bogota - Police

BOGOTA (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 30th July, 2021) Six police officers were injured and 13 people were arrested in the Wednesday unrest in the Colombian capital of Bogota, the city police announced.

In the Usme locality in the south of Bogota, "criminals attacked members of the National Police with hard blunt objects, injuring six officers," Colonel Nelson Quinonez, deputy chief of the city police, told a briefing.

Riots also erupted in the Portal Americas area in southwestern Bogota, which has been the epicenter of the protests in recent months.

"About 200 demonstrators were throwing heavy objects and Molotov cocktails at the police officers," Quinonez said.

Workers' strikes and public protests began in Colombia in late April over the so-called Sustainable Solidarity Law, a now-shelved tax reform bill. Labor and student organizations in Colombia have since demanded social and healthcare reforms, demilitarization of cities, and dissolution of mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron forces. The protests have led to the death of over two dozen people amid clashes with law enforcement, according to official data.

In the three months, Bogota has witnessed 17 mass demonstrations. The unrest continues despite the decision of the National Protest Committee, which had organized the rallies since April 28, to end the disruptions.