S.Korea To Set Up Anti-Ballistic Missile System Amid N.Korea's Launches - Defense Ministry

S.Korea to Set Up Anti-Ballistic Missile System Amid N.Korea's Launches - Defense Ministry

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) South Korea is determined to boost its defense capabilities within the next five years by means of installing more early-warning radars, wrapping up the development of its own anti-ballistic missile system and a range of other measures that will help detect and intercept North Korean missiles, the South Korean Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

North Korea has recently carried out a series of projectile launches that Seoul has classified as ballistic missiles that Pyongyang was prohibited from developing by the UN Security Council.

"Opportunities will be expanded for the effective interception of the new short-range ballistic missiles launched recently by North Korea. In order to better detect and intercept missiles, we will increase the number of early-warning radars and Aegis radars for destroyers. Additionally, we will upgrade and deploy Patriot and Cheolmae-II [anti-ballistic missile] systems while completing the development of the L-SAM [long-range surface-to-air missile], and we will ensure defense capabilities at all levels," the ministry said on its official blog.

Seoul's comprehensive defense plan for the 2020-2024 period will cost 290.5 trillion won ($240 billion), according to the ministry.

According to the plan, South Korea will secure more precision-guided missiles to be launched from the ground, submarines and fighter jets, as well as develop electromagnetic pulse bombs and other non-lethal weapons.

The ministry also stressed that "South Korean short-range ballistic missiles are superior to North Korean ones in terms of quality and quantity."

Seoul is also determined to enhance its reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities through measures that include deploying reconnaissance satellites and mid- and high-altitude drones, as well as systems for real time information gathering and processing.

Since North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump met in the Korean demilitarized zone and agreed to restart denuclearization talks, Pyongyang has already carried out five new launches, saying they were aimed at discouraging Seoul and Washington from holding military drills.

The latest launch occurred last Saturday, with two projectiles fired from Hamhung in northeast North Korea. According to South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, they were two short-range ballistic missiles that flew around 400 kilometers (249 miles) at a maximum altitude of 48 kilometers before falling into the Sea of Japan.

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