Slovak Parliament Allows Doctors To Monitor Citizens Via Mobile Devices - Deputy Speaker


Slovak Parliament Allows Doctors to Monitor Citizens Via Mobile Devices - Deputy Speaker

PRAGUE (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th March, 2020) The Slovak parliament adopted on Wednesday a government bill allowing medical workers to monitor the movements of the country's citizens through their mobile devices in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease, Deputy Speaker Juraj Seliga said.

"The telecommunications department will have to give the public health department information about the person's name and surname and location. The collection of any other information about the owners of mobile devices is prohibited.

This measure is taken in order to control the movement of people infected with or suspected of having COVID-19, or those who are in compulsory quarantine upon returning from countries of risk, and to collect data on their contacts so that physicians have the opportunity to quickly and as much as possible prevent disease expansion," Seliga said during his address, as aired by local broadcasters.

So far, Slovakia has confirmed over 200 cases of the disease on its soil.

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