Starliner Launch Postponement Unrelated To Incident With Russia's Nauka Module - Source

Starliner Launch Postponement Unrelated to Incident With Russia's Nauka Module - Source

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 30th July, 2021) The launch of US Boeing Starliner spacecraft was postponed due to its ill-preparedness, it has nothing to do with the unscheduled inactivation of engines of Russia's Nauka module, a source in the space sector told Sputnik on Friday.

NASA claimed that the launch, initially scheduled for Friday, was postponed to enable the International Space Station (ISS) crew to work on Nauka docking. It also said Starliner would be launched no earlier than August 3.

"[Russian State Space Corporation] Roscosmos associates NASA statements about the postponement of Starliner's lSS launch with its technical ill-preparedness," the source said.

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