Suspect In Murder Of British Lawmaker Considered Attacking Other Politicians - Reports

Suspect in Murder of British Lawmaker Considered Attacking Other Politicians - Reports

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 18th October, 2021) The suspect in the fatal stabbing of British parliamentarian David Amess considered attacking other members of parliament and did not choose a specific target, The Telegraph reported on Monday.

According to the newspaper, the suspect picked Amess at random. He wanted to kill any politician, and not Amess specifically. Sources of the newspaper close to the investigation believe that the young man decided to attack Amess because he managed to arrange for a face-to-face meeting with the lawmaker.

"He was unlucky. He was not targeted because of his political party. David Amess was not specifically targeted," a government source was quoted as saying.

Another source stressed that it was "unclear" the alleged murderer had picked Amess.

The police have not yet established the specific motives of the attacker. According to the newspaper's sources, investigators believe the suspect was acting like a "lone wolf.


At the same time, representatives of the UK law enforcement agencies and intelligence services believe that the murder could have been carried out to support the Islamist cause, specifically the agenda of Islamic State (terrorist group, banned in Russia), al-Qaeda and Al Shabaab (terrorist entity affiliated with al-Qaeda, both banned in Russia). The suspect used a mobile phone immediately after the attack, but it is unclear for what purpose, the newspaper noted.

On Wednesday, UK Conservative lawmaker David Amess was stabbed to death in an attack that is being treated as terrorist by police. The 69-year old died while at his constituency surgery in the Belfairs Methodist Church in the town of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. Following the attack, the Essex police said a 25-year-old UK citizen was arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder. The investigation is being carried out by the counterterrorist department.