Swiss Government Banned Burqa, 10 Thousand Dollars Fine

Swiss Government banned Burqa, 10 thousand dollars fine

Zurich, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th july, 2016) : Swiss government banned wearing the burqa by Muslim women in Ticino region, Switzerland and commenced $ 11 thousand penalties in case of violation.

According to The Independent reports, controversial law against covering the face was made by referendum. Nora Ali and Rashid Nykaz, who work for the rights of Muslims, orbited the streets of Locarno, wearing the burqa in protest against introduction of the controversial law.

Police fined both French-born Algerian Rashid Nykaz and Nora Ali $ 230 and 9 thousand 900 Dollars respectively for protesting. In 2013, referendum was conducted in Switzerland’s southern region Ticino to introduce the law, 65% of people took part.

Local Government passed the Act in November when Parliament explained that the law is not in conflict with Switzerland's Federal Constitution. George Gyrngly, who presented the law, said it will give a message to the Islamic fundamentalists.

He added that those who want to support this will be welcomed, regardless of his religion, but those who want to impose a parallel society in our society while ignoring our traditions and religious rules, will not be accepted with pleasure.

The law applies after reports came from two Muslim girls had refused to take swimming lessons with boys at school, refused to take Swiss citizenship.

Swiss Government banned Burqa, 10 thousand dollars fine