Syria Aircraft Strike Rebels Near Water Source

Syria aircraft strike rebels near water source

BEIRUT, Jan 6, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 06th Jan, 2017 ) - Syrian government aircraft bombed a rebel-held district that is the capital's main water source on Friday as the rival sides traded blame over a cut to mains supplies, a monitor said.

Damascus has been without water from Wadi Barada, a once popular hill station northwest of the capital, since December 22, leaving some 5.

5 million people thirsty. The United Nations warned on Thursday that sabotaging water supplies is a war crime.

Government aircraft dropped at least 10 barrel bombs, crude munitions notorious for the indiscriminate casualties they cause, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. A child was killed as clashes resumed in the area between pro-government forces and rebel fighters led by the Fateh al-Sham Front.