Taliban Attack In Northwestern Afghanistan Kills Over 20 Security Officers - Reports


Taliban Attack in Northwestern Afghanistan Kills Over 20 Security Officers - Reports

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 17th March, 2019) Taliban militants have killed at least 22 Afghan security officers and wounded 12 others during their attack in the country's northwestern Faryab province, local media reported on Sunday, citing a local official.

As a result of the assault, which was perpetrated in the province's western Qaisar district, another three security personnel have been captured by the Taliban alive, the Pajhwok Afghan news agency reported.

The Taliban movement has long been fighting for power with the Afghan government, perpetrating regular attacks across the country.

Despite the attempts to bring the parties to the conflict to a negotiating table, the Taliban has repeatedly refused to meet with official Kabul.

However, the group has been recently engaged in peace talks with the United States, which support the Afghan forces in their anti-terrorist efforts. As a result of negotiations, the Taliban might enter talks with Kabul on a ceasefire agreement as soon as the militants and Washington finalize their draft agreement on the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and the Taliban's counter-terrorism assurances.

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