Texas Governor Vows To Defy US Attorney General's Warning On Migrant Handling Restrictions


Texas Governor Vows to Defy US Attorney General's Warning on Migrant Handling Restrictions

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 30th July, 2021) Texas Governor Greg Abbott in a press release indicated he will defy US Attorney General Merrick Garland's warning to rescind a state order the governor issued to restrict the movement of illegal migrants.

On Wednesday, Abbott issued an order prohibiting civilians, such as contractors, from transporting illegal migrants as part of an effort to prevent migrants from spreading the novel coronavirus.

"These irresponsible policies and actions by the Biden Administration are endangering the lives of many Americans as well as the unlawful immigrants themselves," Abbott said on Thursday.

"I will take every available step consistent with the law to fulfill my duty to protect the health and safety of all Texans."

Earlier on Thursday, Garland sent a letter to Abbott warning him the Justice Department will take legal action against the state if the governor's order is not rescinded immediately.

Garland argues that it would cause disruptions to the Federal government's immigration functions because it uses contractors and other officials not considered law enforcement.