Tricky Last G20 Summit For Obama

Tricky last G20 summit for Obama

HANGZHOU, China, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sep,2016) : From the moment Barack Obama touched down in China, his last G20 summit seemed likely to be a tricky one. A kerfuffle over aircraft stairs -- or lack of them -- and overzealous Chinese apparatchiks drowned out Obama's efforts to laud his "pivot" to Asia and a deal between Beijing and Washington to jointly ratify a major climate accord.

By the end of Obama's three days in Hangzhou, he would have to contend with yet more inconclusive talks on Syria, prickly Turkish allies, a mouthy Filipino ally and attention-seeking North Koreans firing off a battery of ballistic missiles.

Obama's first full day in China started with a charm offensive aimed at elevating Britain's new Prime Minister Theresa May.

Instead of the usual photo and statements in a featureless meeting room, May was put, if not on a pedestal, then on a stage with a podium and all the trappings of state, side-by-side with Obama.

The White House is keen to make sure the "special relationship" still feels at least a bit special, even if Britain has become tangled in a political thicket and diminished in stature by its vote to leave the EU.

Obama's next task was to mend fences with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who since a July coup, has worried the White House by repeatedly stirring up anti-US sentiment.