Trump Admits COVID-19 Pandemic Became Biggest Challenge Of His Presidential Term


Trump Admits COVID-19 Pandemic Became Biggest Challenge of His Presidential Term

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 16th September, 2020) US President Donald Trump has admitted that the coronavirus pandemic had become the biggest challenge of his first term as the country's leader.

"Without question I would say, because things were going so well, I think I would have to say the whole COVID, the 'China virus' as I call it, because it comes from China, I think it is a much more accurate term," Trump said on Tuesday during a town hall hosted by the ABC news broadcaster when asked what was the hardest part of his presidency.

The president also said that what he had learned from the pandemic was that life was very fragile.

"I have learned that life is very fragile because these were strong people and all of a sudden they were dead. They were gone. And it was not their fault. It was the fault of a country that could have stopped it," the leader said blaming China for the spread of the coronavirus.

Within the context, Trump added that he changed his attitude towards the US-China trade deal that the countries' leaders inked in January, as he can no longer view it with the same pride "because of the horror of this disease that really could have been stopped at the border."