Trump Slams Biden's Handling Of Afghanistan, Border Situation

Trump Slams Biden's Handling of Afghanistan, Border Situation

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 26th September, 2021) Former US President Donald Trump has once again accused US President Joe Biden of exacerbating the border crisis and criticized the current administration for the hasty pullout from Afghanistan.

"This is going to be Venezuela very soon if they keep going the way they're going. And this is all done in a period of less than nine months, this destruction of our border, all of the destruction, our military retreat, we haven't had a military retreat before," Trump told a crowd of supporters gathered in Perry, Georgia, on Saturday.

Trump criticized the Biden administration for leaving military equipment behind in Afghanistan and slammed Biden's handling of the troop withdrawal as a major display of incompetence.

Thirteen seats were left empty at the Perry rally on Saturday in memory of the Marines killed in Afghanistan.

Trump also told his supporters in Georgia that the US is being turned into a "migrants' camp" as "hundreds of thousands of people" are coming into the country every month.

"They want to go after me because I have, they think, a big mouth. I don't have a big mouth, you know what I have, I have a mouth that tells the truth," Trump said.

He reiterated his election claim, emphasizing that he won the 2020 vote, and said that with the help of his supporters, the Republicans were going to "take back our country from these lunatics."