Turkey Failed Coup, Many Soldiers Arrested


Turkey failed coup, many soldiers arrested

Ankara, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News –16th July, 2016) : Turkish police said the sixteen rebels were detained in Gandaramari "he said. Rebel soldiers surrendered on the Bosphorus Bridge. Fifteen hundred sixty three soldiers were arrested from several cities.

Operation against military revolt in Turkey is in progress. Turkish Army rebel group could not move ahead against public of Turkey. Public came out on the streets after martial law was declared on tv captured by military.

Special Forces and public worked together to cope rebel soldiers.

Agroup of soldier surrendered on the Bosphorus Bridge. Rebel soldiers were dragged out of the TV stations. A rebel military General was killed.

30 rebel soldiers surrendered and handcuffed at Taksim Square. Clean-up operation was implemented after taking control over the rebellion in the army. 29 Colonels and 5 Generals were terminated from their posts. Security Forces rescued the Army Chief Hulusi AKAR who was made hostage by the rebel soldiers.

Turkey failed coup, many soldiers arrested