Turkey Still In Process Of Purchasing F-16 Fighter Jets From US - Sullivan


Turkey Still in Process of Purchasing F-16 Fighter Jets From US - Sullivan

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 29th October, 2021) Turkey is still in the process of purchasing F-16 fighter jets from the United States despite Ankara's removal from the F-35 jet program due to purchasing Russian S-400 air defense systems, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Thursday.

"Turkey no longer participates in the F-35 program, and with respect to the F-16 program, there is a process that has been in place for many years for how countries proceed to make requests to purchase fighter jets and related equipment. Turkey is in that process and the process will continue," Sullivan said during a press briefing.

On Wednesday, Defense Department spokesperson Anton Samelroth said US and Turkish delegations held productive dispute resolution talks on the matter. The delegations plan to meet again in Washington in the coming months, Semelroth added.

US President Joe Biden and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodgan are expected to meet in Glasgow on the sidelines of the UN Climate Change Summit, according to the White House. Erdogan told reporters earlier this month that he plans to discuss a refund of $1.4 billion for the F-35 jets that were not delivered to Turkey.