UK Defense Ministry Must Speed Up Work To Stop Bullying Of Female Personnel - Lawmakers

UK Defense Ministry Must Speed Up Work to Stop Bullying of Female Personnel - Lawmakers

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 25th July, 2021) Lawmakers in the United Kingdom issued a report on the treatment of women in the armed forces which concluded that the Ministry of Defense (MOD) must speed up its work to stop the bullying of female personnel in the workforce.

The report surveyed over 4,000 female service personnel and veterans and found that nearly 62% of them admitted to have experienced bullying, harassment and gender-based discrimination in the workforce.

Additionally, the report found that servicewomen were over 10 times more likely to experience sexual harassment in last year than men.

"The Forces and the MOD must continue to root out these behaviours and must respond better when they occur," the report stated.

The report also found that while MOD is aware of the issues and tries to solve them, its progress is slow "and frequently there is a gap between the raft of policy documents in place and actual practice on the ground."

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