UK Prime Minister Criticizes Liberal Democrats Over Plans To Cancel Brexit

UK Prime Minister Criticizes Liberal Democrats Over Plans to Cancel Brexit

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 10th September, 2019) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the debates in the parliament on Monday slammed Liberal Democrats over their plans to cancel Brexit, saying that they seek to hold the second referendum at the same time planning to overturn its results.

"The Liberal Democrats also called for a referendum on our membership to the European Union and once they got it and by the way they lost it, of course they did nothing but try to overturn the result. Arrogating to themselves to decide which democratic decisions they respect and those they reject. They want a second referendum and they are already planning to campaign against the result. When asked if she would implement Brexit if the people voted for it the party's new leader replied 'No,'" Johnson said.

Johnson also noted that Labors did not want snap elections, as they were afraid they would loose the race.

On September 4, Johnson suggested to hold early elections on October 15 after the parliament, despite his calls, had changed Wednesday's parliamentary agenda to urgently consider a bill aimed at preventing a no-deal Brexit on October 31.

The parliament then rejected Johnson's call for an early election, but it is expected to vote on the proposal once again later today. Earlier in the day, the bill aimed at blocking the no-deal Brexit has become a law after receiving the formal assent of Queen Elizabeth II.

Since the beginning of his tenure Johnson promised that the United Kingdom would withdraw from the bloc with or without a deal. The prime minister insisted that the backstop plan should be excluded from the previously agreed London-Brussels deal. The EU leaders, however, opposed to review the agreement. Johnson in response announced the preparations for a possible no-deal Brexit, adding though that he would try to negotiate a new deal with the European Union.

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