UK Prime Minister Set To Delay England's Final COVID-19 Lockdown Easing - Reports

UK Prime Minister Set to Delay England's Final COVID-19 Lockdown Easing - Reports

LONDON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th June, 2021) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to delay the easing of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions in England for another four weeks from June 21, following warning from scientists and government advisers that the highly infectious Delta variant first identified in India risks a third wave of the disease, UK media reported on Monday.

According to the Sky news broadcaster, which cited an unnamed source from the government, Johnson will plead the country to make one 'last heave' before declaring what local press has dubbed as "Freedom Day" next week.

Asked about the government's plans, health minister Edward Argar refused "to pre-empt" what the prime minister might say at a televised press conference scheduled for later on Monday, but admitted that the so-called Delta strain is "highly, highly infectious.


"About a month ago, we didn't know whether it was 10 percent or 15 percent more infectious than other variants, and clearly we now know it is about 40 percent more infectious than the Alfa variant, the so-called Kent variant," he told Sky News.

Argar also confirmed that lawmakers will have the opportunity to vote in parliament on the eventual delaying of the final lockdown easing.

Under the government's road map out of the lockdown in England, all legal restrictions on social contact would be lifted, so an eventual delay would mean that everyone who can work from home must continue to do so, theaters and other indoors venues will have to operate at half capacity, while nightclubs will remain closed.