UK Strain Linked To Nearly Quarter Of Germany's New COVID-19 Cases

UK Strain Linked to Nearly Quarter of Germany's New COVID-19 Cases

BERLIN (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 22nd February, 2021) The British variant, also known as B117, now accounts for almost a quarter of new coronavirus cases in Germany, a government spokesman said after a cabinet meeting on Monday.

"The share of more dangerous and clearly more contagious mutations is on the rise.

B117 accounts for 20-25 percent of new cases," Steffen Seibert told reporters at a news briefing.

He said Germany and France would hold consultations on how to limit the spread of viral strains, which circulate more freely in border areas.

Germany has reported a pickup in new cases during the past four days, despite a stricter lockdown. The Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases confirmed 4,369 new infections and 62 further deaths on Monday.