Ukraine Asks Twitter To Block Russian Foreign Ministry's Account For Crimea - Embassy

Ukraine Asks Twitter to Block Russian Foreign Ministry's Account for Crimea - Embassy

KIEV (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 11th January, 2019) Ukraine on Thursday urged Twitter to block the account of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Crimea citing human rights violations allegedly committed by Moscow.

"We have sent official complaint Twitter Support. It's absolutely unacceptable to give so called Russia's MFA in occupied #Crimea a blue tick! RU illegally annexed Crimea, militarized it & commits gross violations of human rights. Twitter must block that account!" the embassy said on Twitter.

The account of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Crimea was registered in 2015 and has more than 6,500 tweets and over 6,000 followers.

Relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated in 2014 after Crimea's reunification with Russia and amid the crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs and being involved in the conflict in Donbas. The European Union and the United States imposed restrictive measures against Russian individuals, companies and economic sectors, while Moscow responded by imposing restrictions on food imports from the countries that supported the sanctions.

Russia has repeatedly denied the allegations, stressing that it is not party to the internal conflict in Ukraine and wanted the country to overcome its political and economic crises.

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